Coaching At Arnos Bowling club

New and experienced bowlers are welcome to visit us at the club, for new bowlers Arnos Bowling Club offers coaching usually two sessions and free of charge – which is provided by our club coaches, drop us a message by pressing the button below and we will get in touch

Bowling equipment

All you will need to start as a bowler will be flat soled shoes that are required so we don’t damage the green. The club has spare bowls and you will have the opportunity to try different sizes and types of bowl and be advised on the most suitable bowls for you. A set of bowls can be the biggest expense you need to buy so trying sizes out before purchase will help your decision whats bowls are best for you.

Join the fun

Bowls is a great way to keep active for people of all ages and abilities and it’s not expensive.

The principles of the game are not hard to learn; and you’ll soon master the technique of delivery and drawing to the jack.

Take a look at the video to show you the basics of lawn bowling